Make a business out of Online Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons

Have a musical talent like Piano Playing?
– Share it through Online Piano Lessons

I have always been a fan of making money online. That is why keep trying new methods through which I can make a passive income online.

Now what if I told you could do the same, doing nothing but what you love doing!

Yes! The best thing that can ever happen to you in your life is when your passion becomes your profession. Think about it, doing what you like and earning money at the same time. Wow! How cool is that!

There is a very fine line between, “doing what you love” and “loving what you do”. And when this line vanishes, believe me you would feel heavenly!

So what’s there in for the Piano lovers? Let’s find out!

In this post, let’s assume you are a very good Pianist and you love playing Piano to the core of your heart. You feel happy when you play Piano. It’s your FAVORITE hobby.

So why not earn through this hobby?

Now how do I do that?

It’s very simple! Share your experience of playing Piano with others out there who are equally passionate about learning Piano, because you know sharing is caring! And you would totally enjoy teaching your end users since you are teaching them what you yourself excel at and love to do.

How would I make money?

There are plenty of ways you can make money through
Online Piano Lessons. Listen below are some of the common ways.

  • Create a music blog– Blogging is a very powerful medium of connecting to your users. It is the most effective way of building trust among the people who would be visiting your blog. But make sure to put up quality content, because that is what the users look for and that is what would keep them engaged to your blog and compel them to visit your blog again and again.Steps to take after constructing a blog:-

    a) Post quality material on Piano lessons.

    b) Give them free training for the first couple of months. While you are doing this, try to build an e-mail list of the users who enjoy your blog. These would be your potential customers later on. But first and foremost is to provide value to your visitors and build trust.

    c) Next you can slowly start pitching them with your paid stuff, once they have started liking your free training. Build offers and send them to the users in your E-mail list. This way you keep your blog clean of any pushy offers.

    d) Once you built a lot of authority, you can start to get more reckless with offers and pitches, but don’t go totally wild.

    e) If you are getting good number of visitors per month, you may even want to consider Adsense, which is the most common and popular way through which bloggers make money.

  • Create a product– Another way of making money can be to launch your own product. That is, making your tutorial in the form of E-books and DVDs. Next you would need a platform to sell it. Either use paid advertising or get your product registered on Amazon or Clickbank where other affiliates  can bring you sales. The drawback here is that you would have to pay a certain commission to these platforms. But on the contrary, your effort put in marketing your product is highly reduced.
    But remember- A good product is the key, actually make it the best!

These two methods can be the most powerful ways for you to generate income from what you love doing. However I would say that the combination of the above two methods would be a killer! Think about it for once and then don’t take long to TAKE ACTION!


Selling Inexpensive Pool Tables for a business

Make a business out of Inexpensive Pool Tables

build a business out of inexpensive pool tables

Recently one of my close friends and also a happy client now, told me that he wanted to start out a business which would deal in pool tables.

I said that would be a great idea, because since he resides in US, I knew there is a great market for selling pool tables out there, since pool is a very popular indoor game not just in sports bars or play zones/fun zones but also in homes. Yes, people like to build game rooms for their kids at their place so that they can spent quality family time on weekends. Also, kids love to invite their friends for a game of pool. So, a pool table would be great addition to their game room.

Let’s see some of the customers that he could target:-
  1. As mentioned before, local households could be a target.
  2. Sports bars
  3. Sports Complexes
  4. Colleges
  5. Offices
The problem!

I then asked him whether he wanted the whole control of the business, that is production, storage and delivery of pool tables or he just wanted to be a dealer or for that matter even a retailer. I asked him this because, he had no contacts in this industry, no prior experience of making and selling products, no branding experience, no nothing at all.

He was aware of these conditions and he knew exactly what to do. He knew that he did not want to get into the headache of making, branding, marketing and selling of a whole new range of pool tables. He also had certain target customers in his mind. He wanted to sell pool tables to those people who wanted it at low rates. He had thought of selling inexpensive pool tables. This though cuts out some major customer sources, but this at the same time cuts out the competition that he could face from the well established pool table selling companies.

My suggestion to him

So, I gave him a suggestion of acting as third party seller, like does for selling inexpensive pool tables. That is, he could become an affiliate to a seller who sells good quality pool tables at low prices. That way, he would just need to take care of the marketing methods to boost sales. And for every sale produced through him, he would be rewarded with a certain amount of money as his commission. Cool way to earn ain’t it?

So presently, he is an affiliate to a local brand and is doing pretty well. We at TBB helped with him with some marketing techniques, online as well as offline, that  are producing insane results for him.

Chiropractic leads in Mumbai and Delhi

How can you increase your leads if you are a Chiropractor in Mumbai or Delhi?

business leads

As generating leads is the main motive of any business, after providing quality service, it becomes important to market your business through the most exposed channels. Online marketing tools, such as social media and business directories can be an effective way to find you more customers for your business.

Scenario for a Chiropractor in Mumbai or Delhi

The scenario is no different for a chiropractor, whether you are a chiropractor in mumbai or anywhere in India. Chiropractic is a practice that has not yet attained complete traction int he medical field as it is a form of alternative medicine and not a mainstream one. Hence, people are slowly and steadily gaining knowledge about chiropractic treatment. In such cases, if you are a chiropractor, it becomes extremely difficult to let your business to be known in the area where you practice. The best way to generate more leads and more conversions is through quality service, since a happy patient is going to refer your clinic or services to his other family members and friends. Hence, building trust through quality service is extremely crucial.

Now let’s suppose you have superior service, better than most of the others in your city. But, of what good is your service if it’s not out there in front of the people who need it.

It is therefore necessary, to make your presence felt through authoritative channels such as social media and business directory.

Steps to take for marketing your chiropractic business

Following are the steps you can take to promote your chiropractic services:-

  • You can create Facebook Page for your clinic.
  • Create a twitter and Google plus account
  • Create your won website and hire someone to do local SEO for it.
  • Finally submit your website or business to local business directory.

Luckily, recently a business directory has been developed called the Indian Chiropractor Directory, for listing your chiropractic treatment services.

So if there is any chiropractor in delhi or other cities, reading this post. It’s time to take action and get your chiropractic services in front of those who need it.

Here’s a video about submitting your website to local business directories.